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Save Scrap & Sew  collects scrap from Tailors to create something basic, sturdy and useful  like sheets,bags and pillows. Our buddies pitch in to sort, cut, iron & Sew ,when someone finds a worthy cause, we gift what we have made. The idea is to give without delay,without hoarding, and to anyone who’s in need.Our Mantra is 'Efficiency is more Important than Perfection.'

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How did it start?
Ans1. It started with 2 bags of scrap and couple of volunteers in September 2015.
Q2. What are the products you have made till now?
Ans2. Bags, sheets and few pillows
Q3. Why don’t you create garments out of them?
Ans3. The scraps are very small and creating garments is time consuming and has to be specific. You also need buttons, elastic etc. which adds to the cost. 
Q4. What will it cost me now?
Ans4. Now your time and labor is most important. May be few threads too, if you stitch or sew Yes you will need a good pair of scissors.
Q5. How much time do I need to donate to this?
Ans5. Your time and labor is purely your own choice there is no compulsion. We normally do once a week two hours.
Q6. What do you do with these products?
Ans6. We give them to charity ,orphan homes and underprivileged people.
Q7. How do you identify the charities or people?
Ans7. There is no set method. Anyone can suggest a suitable entity and we follow up and gift.
Q8. Why don’t you sell these and contribute to charity?
Ans8. The idea of taking free fabric from tailors and selling even for charitable purposes borders on ethical grounds.
Q9. Who should I contact?
Ans9. Sign up and mention your interest and sewing skills and Shambavi will contact you. Incase you don''t know sewing but would like to learn Shambavi will teach you to sew a straight line.
Q10. How old do I have to be to participate?
Ans10. If you can read this you can participate.
Q11. Should I bring my scraps and old clothes?
Ans11. No, use your personal scraps to make something for yourself  and your family. Old cloth can be handed as it is for somebody needy, you know personally.
Q12. Why don’t you use old sheets and clothes for your work?
Ans12. We don’t know where these are going. There should be dignity in receiving also. There cannot be quality control with old clothes so we stitch new.