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Dr Shambavi Rajagopal MSc, MBA, PhD​


More than 100 fantastic people volunteer at Save Scrap & Sew, with various skills to make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.

save scrap & sew story

Conventionally there are three bare necessities defined in life, Food, Clothing and Shelter. These also form the focal point of charitable work and eco friendly initiatives. However not much environmental consideration is given to clothing even though this creates a lot of waste which has to be thrown away, as there is not much which can be done with textile scrap.

Our Creative minds, SAVE, SCRAP & SEW them into articles of utility. We then give these out for charity. The Team work is voluntary and also the equipment and material required to accomplish our vision is our own.

It all started with an idea when Dr Shambavi was standing at her usual tailors store and was on phone call while waiting to collect her order. That time she noticed the tailor was stepping out of the shop with two garbage bag full of cloth. Most dress makers and tailors just throw into garbage, the scrap fabrics once they finish tailoring a dress.  It is not out of choice but more because they can't do much with them due to the variety in colours, shades, the size in which the trimmings come out in and of course they don’t have time to do anything with it, no place to store it and until now, they had no one to claim it.

Dr Shambavi sews for a hobby, she finds this a big stress buster to her busy schedule and also when she needs to gift someone, she does it one of her own work, to give the personal touch. The hobby, the scrap, the environment, the pain in the community, all combined and started as a small effort to save these scraps, stitch something useful out of it and hand it out to some charity which will distribute the stuff to someone who can use it.

 We started with a group of ladies with material from one tailor . It was about 5 kilos of scrap. Some big some small pieces. Ironing, sorting, cutting were the prelude to the actual stitching. We started with sheets and slowly graduated to bags and pillows. Then came an invite from a group of ladies in Bur Dubai to demonstrate our SSS (Save Scrap & Sew ) work to them. It was an exciting forum and now we have many new buddies who have joined our cause.

Our team work provides satisfaction of achieving something tangible and a quick instant gratification can be obtained by this exercise of sorting, cutting and sewing something of utility from scrap. Additional feel good is the thought that you saved material from the landfill. The best part of the whole project is that it cannot be done by any one person there has to be team work. Hence a team building exercise can start and end with SSS in two hours.

mission & vision

While the whole world is talking about recycling plastic and metal, we have a mission of recycling Textile Srap and add also to use the items created for charitable purpose.

SSS founder

Collaborating with Red Crescent 

Sewing is my hobby, and often I would spend time, sewing quilts, cushions and other daily use articles for my near and dear ones. I get a lot of satisfaction in gifting something which I have made with my own hands, and most importantly it is made with love.

With Save Scrap and Sew, I could spread this feeling to other people and now the whole team shares the satisfaction of giving, while also contributing to the environment   

​​recent programs

Gifted  more than 1000 sheets and 2500 bags & 3232 pillows to date. The numbers bring a wonderful warmth to the heart of many who toiled many hours.  More happenings are in SSS Reach