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Our Mission is to save textile scraps from dressmakers & tailors and create useful articles which can be of use for people who need it more.

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The process of setting up a Save Scrap & Sew trust in India is in progress. It attempts to create school communities to propagate the cause of SSS..Our Teen buddies are a big asset in carrying the message of Save Scrap& Sew. Many new buddies who share a common passion which helps them see way beyond the scraps and the scrapes.

Our Mission

Our buddies, SAVE the SCRAP and SEW them into articles which can be used by anyone. We  give these out for charity.

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Join hands with us in making the difference. There is a lot one can do apart from Sewing. A cuppa Tea for the volunteers? So if you are interested, then Become a Buddy, we are eager to have you onboard. 

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